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CSS3 programming

CSS3 On / Off switch

Here is a simple CSS3 On / Off switch. You can use JavaScript code to find the current switch state. This example only provides the styling part of the element. The HTML: <div class=”switch” id=”switch”> <a href=”#thinghyL”> <div class=”thinghyL” id=”thinghyL”><div class=”knobL”></div></div> </a> <a href=”#thinghyR”> <div class=”thinghyR” id=”thinghyR”></div> </a> </div> The CSS: .switch { width:100px; height:30px; […]

CSS3 programming

CSS3 Login Form Styling

Inspired by the concept design of the folks over at invisionapp.com I decided to animate a login form using CSS3. It looks great for mobile devices apps or just websites. You can look at the code over at jsfiddle.net, and you can use it however you like, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. That’s it! I hope […]

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