Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript

Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript
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Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript

I have a book out about Artificial Intelligence!

Check it our on Amazon.

All the examples in the book are written in JavaScript and oriented towards web developers. You don’t have to be proficient in JavaScript though to understand the key concepts.

Inside the book

A.I. powered chatbots, computer vision and neural networks for your web applications using JavaScript.


– Teach the reader how to build projects involving Artificial Intelligence using JavaScript as a primary programming language.
– Explore various techniques of using Artificial Intelligence in real-world scenarios
– Explain what machine learning is and how it can be applied in web applications

Objectives and achievements

– Explore popular platforms using A.I.
– Practical examples of A.I. in web apps
– Exploring chatbots
– Exploring vision based apps
– Implementing A.I. in a game

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